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Towards the Full Scale Implementation of RPA: How Business Can Benefit from the Technology

Toyosuke Fukushima
Professional DIRECTOR, Digital Labor & Transformation
KPMG Consulting Co., Ltd.

The session explains the key concept, "Intelligent Automation (IA)" in details. The concept of IA is essential in order to implement full scale RPA at enterprise level and deliver digital transformation while achieving targeted effects.

No Hype RPA — Signs your RPA strategy is failing

Dan Ternes
Office of the CTO, Asia Pacific Japan
Blue Prism

RPA is a phenomenon gathering great momentum and organizations having much to learn about fully leveraging the technology. As companies transition from sale to pilot to company-wide platform, hype is replaced by practicalities, practicalities morph into complexities, and solutions barely resemble the initial promise. This presentation identifies those red flags most indicative of an RPA strategy heading towards failure and offers some pragmatic strategies for mitigating those issues.

Full Scale RPA Deployment Project at Nippon Life Insurance: From Department Level to Enterprise Level

Toyoji Miyamoto
Director of Structural Reform Promotion for Clerical System of Corporate Insurance
Nippon Life Insurance Company

In December 2014, Nippon Life Insurance Company started to replace its operations with ROBOT and has entered into enterprise level implementation phase this fiscal year.
This session introduces the procedures and key points of RPA implementation from pilot to full scale implementation. Mr. Miyamoto also shares the company's own projects with RPA and the latest technology.

Marketers, not Advertisers: Delivering business growth via exceptional customer experiences

Stephen Hamill
VP APAC, Oracle Marketing Cloud
Oracle Corporation

In many contexts, marketers are labelled as advertisers. In reality thought, it’s not a marketers job to buy advertising.  It’s your job to help your business grow, to help sell products, drive conversion and build brand.  Being the voice OF (not TO) the customer across your business and ultimately being the custodian of the Customer Experience within your organization.
In a digital world, customer expectations are set by brands you never even considered to be competitors.  Now marketers have to know who they’re selling to and deliver seamless, personal, experiences in the moment.  Savvy modern marketers are connect their ad spending strategies to their marketing communications, leveraging data to make smarter media buying and campaign planning decisions. Connecting first party data across the enterprise and leveraging that intelligence enables agility, reliability, and a consistent view of who to target, convert and retain across your customer lifecycle.
Attend this session to understand how to improve conversions, connecting cross-channel experiences and deliver personalization at scale.

Marketing not based on purchasing data is meaningless

Makoto Arima
Group Executive Vice President & CRO
Rakuten, Inc.

It is often said that digital ads are evaluated by CPC (Cost Per Click) and such common sense needs to be doubted by now. The original purpose of marketing is to have the products “purchased”. The session will discuss about the real marketing strategy based on purchasing data, along with examples.

Challenges of Communication Apps - Platform Conception and Full Funnel Marketing

Yuki Ikehata
Head of Department, Brand Sales Division
LINE Corporation

Communication between people has shifted from phone and emails to mobile apps. The de facto standard of the latest communication method, LINE has changed its form drastically over the past seven years from a simple communication application to something better. This session explains the full funnel marketing initiative realised by LINE, the communication infrastructure, as well as the data platform conception.

Building a Smart Factory Achieved by AI & Robots: Mitsubishi Electric's View on Next-Generation Manufacturing

Kenichi Koyama
Corporate Executive / Senior General Manager
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

While manufacturing is transforming in the world, Japan is moving towards the direction of "Connected Industries" to achieve a smart society, as known as "Society 5.0". Using the examples of smart factories utilizing AI and Intelligent robots, Mr. Koyama proposes the direction of next-generation manufacturing.

Bosch is connecting the future - Bosch IoT approach towards Connected Society

Klaus Meder
President and Representative Director
Bosch Corporation

The future of connected world is shaped by services that connect across traditional domain boundaries. Central to all these solutions is the sharing of data in IoT clouds. Bosch is driving this change with our sensors, connected devices, and software that provide and make use of this data and many cloud based solutions for mobility, industry 4.0 and even smart agriculture.

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Includign above 3 bilingual sessions, total 31 sessions were held by industry top leaders!

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