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Next generation E-commerce is coming - Transition of digital marketing in combination of store and EC

Masaya Hayashi
President & CEO

Today's customers are free from time and place to select and purchase products. What is necessary to attract customers and maximize sales? How can we better connect real stores and EC for the next step? What is next-generation marketing a step ahead? The session explains the latest cases with the results of 1,200 sites.

Digital Transformation for New Business Growth 
 ~How to make subscription business profitable~

Junichiro Kuwano
Representative Director & President
Zuora Japan K.K.

While many companies in manufacturers, cloud business, media and education, are shifting into subscription model, not all companies are successful yet. For consistent profitable subscription business requires  totally different business strategy and KPI setting. We will present the "Best Practice" by our experiences supporting more than 1,000 companies in subscription economy.

Future of commerce from three trends

Mark Wang
Japan Country Manager
Shopify Japan K.K.

Nowadays, sales and marketing strategies across online and offline platforms, such as Omni-channel and O2O, are borderless. While these strategies have become more complex overtime, there are many companies around the world that have succeeded in strengthening customer connections through e-commerce. This session will explain the future of commerce from three perspectives: “D2C”, “Global Sales”, and “Multi-Channel Sales”.

IoT powers manufacturing business

Akio Katayama
VP of Engineering

In recent years, with the advancement of cloud computing, cellular network, device, battery, IoT has been used not only to improve operational efficiency but also to provide new value to customers. In this session, the speaker will talk about the recent IoT network  technology such as eSIM (cellular) and LPWA, and introduce the latest IoT business use cases by "connected", for example consumer devices, automobiles, home appliances, and industrial equipment.

Strategy for MaaS and mobility system at Bosch

Klaus Meder
President and Representative Director
Bosch Corporation

The automotive industry is facing the era of transportation innovation, and adapting future products and business models became an important key to survival. Bosch, a company leading this transformation with various mobility system products and technologies, will talk about the future strategies with specific examples.

Future of AI and IoT - How will the world change if 1 trillion devices are smartly connected?

Yuzuru Utsumi

Arm is a leading company in the field of semiconductor design and IoT. From founding to present, it has taken a significant role in technology that has greatly changed not only connected devices but also society in the future. The session talks about possibilities of the upcoming society changing with the latest technologies such as AI and IoT, as well as tips for Japanese companies striving for win in the future.

Construction of high-end silicon industrial infrastructure that promotes the realization of the Intelligent Society -Introduction of the forefront of IC/Embedded AI development and application-

Veni Xiong
Shanghai HiSilicon Technology Co., Ltd.

The company has so far provided partner companies with maximum benefits using its latest technologies like semiconductors and AIoT (AI + IoT). Based on the abundant achievements, explanations are given with specific cases, including 8K, AI camera, STB/TV, Smart Home Center and 4G/5G, all of which powered by key capabilities of AIoT chipsets.

AI / IoT strategy of NVIDIA

Hiroki Saito
Director, Industry Group
NVIDIA Corporation

Currently, utilization of AI is one of the most urgent tasks as the labor force shortage has become more serious. This session explains AI/IoT strategies for various approaches in NVIDIA from AI research and development to implementation with examples of autonomous optical inspection(AOI), smart retail, and robotics.

Workstyle reform at Microsoft Japan to accelerate digital transformation

Yoshihiro Yamasaki
Subsidiary BG Lead, Microsoft 365
Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.

With the aim of creating a strong organization in which each employee can take an active role and use the full ability, Microsoft Japan is working on workstyle reform. The company is promoting reforms through a multifaceted approach including culture, systems, IT environment development, and collaboration promotion. This sessions introduces the approaches to workstyle reform using technology.

Teamwork, Technology, and Preparing for the New Ways of Working

Cal Henderson
Slack Technologies, Inc.

Companies in Japan face challenges promoting "workstyle reforms" and encouraging team innovation. What are the key factors in being successful in fast-moving markets? In this session, you’ll explore how working through Slack can accelerate performance, bring bigger gains, and keep your organization competitive as you boldly chart the new ways of working.

Communication changes workstyle and enhances organization
- Points of success from LINE WORKS success cases for SME workstyle innovation

Masa Hagiwara
Executive Officer

Japan's workstyle innovation enters new phase. Now the focal is on small and medium-sized companies. While some companies still struggle with finding practical solutions, other companies successfully reform their workstyle and enhance organizational capabilities. What is the ideal approach to get results at customer touch points and in the field? The session explains key points of workstyle innovation for SMEs, introducing user cases of LINE WORKS.

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Including above 4 bilingual sessions, total 33 sessions were held by industry top leaders!

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